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Grizzly Gato: While You Were Sleeping

Rap duo Grizzly Gato released their new debut album today While You Were Sleeping. The record is 12-tracks and features the singles Vs Donnie Wahlberg, Weiners and Pork Belly which features elsphinx of Pig Food Records. The 12″ is pressed to red vinyl and is also available digitally from their Bandcamp store. Because it’s summer, Ginger Beer tank tops are being offered in grey, white and black and in multiple sizes.

The Pseudo Slang X Rawhead Cyclical 12″ is out now!

The wait is over! The brand new Pseudo Slang X Rawhead Cyclical 12″ vinyl has arrived and all pre-orders have been shipped out! This limited-edition 12″ release is nestled in a full-color jacket with artwork by Nerd (Chicago graffiti legend). The release of this single and Pseudo’s current European tour are the lead up to the highly anticipated full-length release titled Fumble For My Pen.

Get yours here!

Gary Wilson: Sea Cruise 7″ Single

We’re partnering with Rita Records out of San Diego to distribute the new Gary Wilson Sea Cruise 7″. The record, which features the 2 tracks “Sea Cruise” and “I Just Want To Hold You In My Arms”, is the pre cursor to our 12″ vinyl for Gary which is slated for the first half of 2014. Rita is also in the midst of producing a video for ”I Just Want To Hold You In My Arms” which will be released very soon. The record can be purchased in our online store for $6.99 and also features jacket art by Celeste Byers.