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Mitochi: Felt Tip

“Felt Tip”, the new single by Mitochi is now streaming on our SoundCloud page. The new song is a track off the new album titled Beamed up!. Mitochi was inspired by the Glens Falls, 80s record Beam Up!, which features synthesizers, music by the local band with the same name (even local pianist Ray Alexander played on this record). Beamed Up! will be released this year and will be available as a free download from our Bandcamp.

Sime Gezus: Wayne Simmonds

We announce the release of “Wayne Simmonds”, the single off of Sime Gezus’s newest release The Manly Cup, which is now streaming on our SoundCloud. The Manly Cup is a hockey-themed instrumental album which features 21 tracks, produced by Sime himself. The album will be available free for download June 11 from the Sub-Bombin Bandcamp. We will also be doing a limited run of CDs of The Manly Cup for purchase in our store and at Sime Gezus live performances.

Devin B: Be So Cruel

So here it is. The second single from Devin B‘s new album, Be So Cruel is now streaming on our SoundCloud. The track is produced by Odisbey and is from Devin’s album The Jump slated to drop in June. The track follows on the heels of the first single Paperweight which was released back in December of 2012 and the remix of the same by Pig Food Records Dood Computer, feat. elsphinx. We’ll have more release details to come on The Jump, but in the meantime check the track and enjoy.