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SYFFAL: The Jump Review

by Tim Baker, Published on July 3, 2013 SYFFAL

I am not the kind of dude that gets all geeked up and runny yoked over music that harkens back to my heyday but fucking hell, get your toast out and sop me up bro, cause The Jump has me dripping my yellow goo all over the fucking carpet. This fucker Devin B is straight brill cream bro. I am jealous of the way he puts words together in a manner that is equal parts intricate, ferocious, adorable, unhinged, layered and complex. I don’t know whether I want to run around punching shop keepers and stealing 22 Oz cans of Colt 45 Blast or curl up into a fettle position and weep uncontrollably. shit bangs so fucking hard.

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Keep Albany Boring: Devin B’s “The Jump” Review

by KC, Published on June 26, 2013 Keep Albany Boring

When Sub-Bombin Records released teaser single “Paperweight” from Devin B‘s forthcoming release “The Jump” back in May, I would rock the 3 edition package (track, instrumental, acapella) on repeat, on the daily. It’s so damn good. An anthem for the underpaid and overworked.

“The Jump” is the first full-length effort from Devin B and is currently available for pre-order via Sub-Bombin Records. When you pre-order the album, which is out July 2, you’ll also receive a limited edition beer coozie while supplies last. Sub-Bombin does it different and does it right.

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SYFFAL: Albums Reviews, Kite Person – Tonight We Run

by Tim Baker, January 2013, SYFFAL

Last week I wrote about Kite Person and their amazing new EP,Tonight We Run, in our Stop Sleeping column. I have been sitting on this album for a few weeks now trying to figure out how best to describe it to you guys and words kept failing me and it was this that let me know how much I love Tonight We Run.

I always have trouble writing about the albums that I grow obsessed with; the deeper I go into the album the more difficult it is for me to discuss it. It’s almost like some sort of intimacy issue I have, the fear of messing it all up by saying the wrong thing. I become paralyzed with fear.

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