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Gary Wilson Featured in San Diego CityBeat

by Peter Holslin, Published on February 25, 2014 San Diego CityBeat

If you’ve ever harbored a hopeless crush, Gary Wilson can relate. In the 1970s, growing up in the small town of Endicott, N.Y., he was once obsessed with a beautiful schoolmate named Linda. Though they never officially went steady—her attention was focused on other boys—he’d often find himself strolling by her house late at night, overcome with desire.

“I wasn’t a stalker, but there was some anguish,” recalls the 60-year-old musician, who now lives alone—save for his dog, Shadow, and a caged finch named Little Bird—in a dusty, one-bedroom apartment in Hillcrest. “I was in love with her.”

All these years later, Wilson hasn’t forgotten about Linda. Nor has he forgotten about Karen, Lisa, Cindy, Sandy or Mary—nor any of the other girls to whom he regularly pays tribute in his lo-fi lounge tunes. Whether real or fictional, these ladies occupy a soft corner of Wilson’s heart.

For some guys—the awkward, sensitive, arty or weird—it’s easier to worship a girl than it is to talk to her. In his music, Wilson is just that kind of guy. Since his first major album, 1977′s You Think You Really Know Me, he’s plied the lonely avenues of romantic fantasy, exploring youthful heartache and desire with all the vigor of a veteran weirdo provocateur.

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SYFFAL: Devin B Interview

by Tim Baker, Published on August 12, 2013 SYFFAL

This weekend we had a BBQ at the house. Family in town, steaks, shrimp, corn, beer, the whole nine, while it is always great seeing family, the highlight of the day came when I saw my 50 something Bro-in-law drinking beer and using a Devin B beer coozie. I am still chuckling on the inside at the juxtaposition of a feller in golf shorts drinking lower shelf beer wrapped in Devin’s album cover.

Devin B is one of those assholes that you hear rapping and get all flustered, angry and then throw out your notebooks and start again. He has a complexity to his simplicity. He says so fucking much and doesn’t need to get all fucking scientific about it, yet breaks down the physics of the universe with a simple phrase. I want to punch him every time I listen to the Jump for making me feel like an asshole while marveling at his majesty.

I have been drawn to his work since the first time I heard him on PJ Katz amazing album 92 Renault Music. His rhymes on the eponymous track drove me fucking nuts.

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SYFFAL: Interview with Greg Tebbano of Kite Person

by Tim Baker, Published on March 30, 2013, SYFFAL

I fucking hate interviewing people, mostly because I hate leaving my god damned apartment and mingling with mouth breathing assholes like Del and Tom. Every now and again I find myself compelled to seek out a stranger and try to impress them with my witty bullshit, and if I am lucky accidently brush against their junk on my way to the bar.

My interview with Kite Person was one such case, well kind of, Greg actually snuck by me and palmed my ass, but it was still cool (I haven’t warshed my ass since).

I actually decided to interview Kite Person because their albumTonight We Run is fucking epic. It is a greasy slice of electronic/dance/rock/cry your eyes out/beat one off in nature/and eat your fears style goodness. I was obsessed with it. The way Rawhead and Greg Tebbano fucking double dick my mind, body and soul was enough to make me ring out my god damn fanny pack.

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