Sime Gezus

Amelia Rae Rosenthal

Born Simon Grimes, this emcee beat maker has patterned his persona after the name Pete Pluto aka Sime Gezus. Pluto, the youngest of five has always been surrounded by music, since a young age he has been crafty with homemade gadgets, once hooking a karaoke machine into a sony tape recorder, sampling & mixing his fathers church tapes over pause tape instrumental loops.  In 2000, Pluto moved out to Boston to study recording engineering, putting out his first album as a producer with a fellow emcee by the name of Kiddstarr.  Living out in Boston, to Albany, to North Carolina, back to upstate NY changed Pluto’s outlook on music, learning from other musicians sparked his interest even further, making many beat tapes from a Tascam 4-track.

In 2004, Sime Gezus put out an first album titled Anti-Social, with production from himself as well as Shane Sanchez of Ghoul Poon and Josh Carter of Phantogram.  In 2005, he teamed up with Sanchez to form Backward Blessing, making some raw, unadulterated rap material.  Shortly after, Backward Blessing met up with local music heads Rawhead, Chorus Babblebones, Midas and teaming up to create the supergroup Eraserheadz. Eraserheadz put out their first EP titled – Dusted.  Sime Gezus consistently works with local, non-local artists and drops instrumental projects as well as albums throughout the years.

Sime Gezus’s style can best be described as Jeru the Damaja meets Kool Keith, with an unlimited amount of creativity hidden amongst the shadows.