Sev Statik

Sarah Beck

If there was a universal flag for Hip Hop this emcee would be the one to hold it high for the world to see. Sev Statik the Point Man is an emcee from Albany NY with strong ties to the 518 Hip Hop scene. Initially recognized for his musical output, Sev’s presence in the hip hop community as an organizer has established him as a component for change and stability for the culture.

Since 1996 he’s been a member of super crews Tunnel Rats and Deepspace 5. Both crews have released multiple projects featuring Sev Statik along w/ crew members LPG, Playdough, Mars ILL, New Breed, Big Shame, Zane, Fred B, Propaganda, Listener, Sintax, Beat Rabbi and Dert.

In 2002 on the heels of the Tunnel Rat album “Tunnel Vision” and Deepspace 5 “The Night We Called It A Day” (Uprok/BEC/EMI) Uprok Records then released Sev Statik’s debut album “Speak Life”. This was Sev’s introduction to the major market and the beginning of an international following. Sharpening his writing and performance skills along side some of the greatest in the 518 hip hop scene like JB!!, Dezmatic and Shyste, Sev geared up for his 2nd full length release “Slow Burn”.

Slow Burn was released in 2005 via Day By Day Ent. owned and operated by Percy Carey aka MF Grimm from MF Grimm x MF Doom fame. Producers included were Tony Stone, Joe Beats (Sage Francis/Non-Prophets) and Shawn J. Period (Mos Def). To continue building his catalog Sev released the independent album “Sliver”. With guest emcees Red Cloud, KJ-52, Braille and Propaganda, this album solidified a desire to work with independent companies to compliment the Sev Statik brand.

So, in 2007 Rawkus Records selected Sev to be part of their Rawkus 50 campaign and released the DJ Dust produced album Sev Statik and Dust “Back to Dust”. Reviewed and featured in prominent print and online magazines, this earned Sev an opportunity to build a stronger national support base. Videos for the songs Back to Dust and Altitude were released via YouTube. With the digital download becoming a stronger option to buy music and the hip hop community expanding to other genres of music “Back to Dust” was right on time. The album reached the #1 spot on the iTunes indie charts for the Rawkus 50 campaign and gained Sev shows in Los Angeles and New York. The “Back to Dust” album was remixed in 2010 by Theory Hazit (Humble Beast/Sribbling Idiots).

Not one to slow down Sev released another full length project in 2008 called “Shotgun”. 14 tracks of lyrical wizardry with production by J57 (BBAS), Dave Santos, MuzeONE, Manasseh and DJ Manny. Guest features included Eternia, Playdough, Has-Lo (Mellow Music Group) and Gideon Valor. With albums like “Shotgun” you know hip hop is far from dead. Over the next few years Sev released EPs for free download to take advantage of the digital age and stay in touch with his following. In collaborating with artists over the years Sev accumulated enough collabs to release the Severed Remaynz album series. Three full length albums of Sev Statik collaborations covering a decade.

What else can you add to a solid career like this? You can’t cover every milestone, but there’s nothing made up here. It’s built on golden era ideals and morals which Sev perpetuates and shares in his music. It’s not by accident that he’s known for socially conscious lyrics and strong showmanship. Whether he’s rockin’ with a DJ on stage or with his band Goldtooth, Sev Statik is sure to raise the roof. Sharing stage time with established artists like The Roots, KRS-1, Ghostface Killah, Wu-Tang, Pharaoh Monch and Rakim, Sev is tried and proven true.