Mitochi (mi-ta-chi, a.k.a. Derek Mitchell) was born and raised in Lake George, NY.  He started playing music at a the age of 8 when he learned how to play the trumpet.  From there he moved to the guitar playing in multiple bands and different genres.

In college he became interested in writing rhymes which he recorded with his friends from high school. It became apparent quickly that he had no real skill in rhyming so he then turned his efforts to the production sided of the music. He has been crafting beats since 2002, when he got his first drum machine. His early instrumental beats were influenced by groups like The Roots, Black Star, and Digable Planets which helped create his signature laid back style.

Over the years his music became more experimental, blending synthesizers and samples together to create futuristic soundscapes, as heard on his latest Sub-Bombin release, Cryptic Cosmic.