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Co-founder of Sub-Bombin Records, Collin Badger a.k.a. Midas, is a DJ and producer, as well as the executive art director of Sub-Bombin Records.

The Upstate New York native returned to Glens Falls shortly after graduating from college and linked up with his friends and fellow musicians back home and quickly became heavily involved in the local music scene, where he started promoting shows, DJ’ing and producing tracks of his own.

Midas is always working on multiple projects, as well as with other Sub-Bombin artists on several upcoming releases. He continues producing, promoting and supporting the Sub-Bombin sound while remaining an active element in the area music scene. He has shared the stage and opened for artists such as Percee P, Akrobatik, J-Live and Homeboy Sandman just to name a few.

When not involved with music directly, Midas is the lead Art Director for the label and works outside of Sub-Bombin with other high profile musicians including Talib Kweli and J-Live.