Kite Person

Greg Tebbano is much older than he looks. A 518 veteran, he has played in The Black Ships, Mr. Owl, Ghoul Poon and Firefighter Font. With Kite Person he brings a more electronic approach to the dark and cryptic pop songs he had already been exploring with drums and guitars. The first two Kite Person tracks were released on the Halloween comp Do the Fright Thing (Volumes III & IV). But the project didn’t really find its wings until Tebbano was asked to collaborate on a track with Sub-Bombin’s own Rawhead. Both were more than pleasantly surprised with the outcome. What was to be released as a one-off single led to the seven song EP Tonight We Run with Rawhead’s thoughtful and thumping beats providing a subtly complex backbone for the songwriting. A live incarnation is in the works.