Chorus Babblebones

Chorus Babblebones is an artist. An emcee. The upstate New York native has been writing, recording and performing original hip-hop since 1999. His distinguished word play and rhyme speed are the result of blending energy and skill with heart on raw beats.

Chorus began as an emcee for Blue Water Tribe. In 2003, he formed the hip hop trio Skull Division, which also included Rawhead and Pirate Pilot. In 2005, Babblebones joined with the Sub-Bombin crew and began work on his first solo debut, while also rhyming with the Eraserheadz. Chorus released the Insatiable Potential album in the Spring of 2007, also featuring his own artwork on the cover.

In the fall of 2008, he moved out to Los Angeles where he continues to grow as an artist and collaborate with fresh, new talents, as well as working long distance with his Sub-Bombin family back in Upstate New York.