by Tim Baker, Published on August 12, 2013 SYFFAL

This weekend we had a BBQ at the house. Family in town, steaks, shrimp, corn, beer, the whole nine, while it is always great seeing family, the highlight of the day came when I saw my 50 something Bro-in-law drinking beer and using a Devin B beer coozie. I am still chuckling on the inside at the juxtaposition of a feller in golf shorts drinking lower shelf beer wrapped in Devin’s album cover.

Devin B is one of those assholes that you hear rapping and get all flustered, angry and then throw out your notebooks and start again. He has a complexity to his simplicity. He says so fucking much and doesn’t need to get all fucking scientific about it, yet breaks down the physics of the universe with a simple phrase. I want to punch him every time I listen to the Jump for making me feel like an asshole while marveling at his majesty.

I have been drawn to his work since the first time I heard him on PJ Katz amazing album 92 Renault Music. His rhymes on the eponymous track drove me fucking nuts.

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