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Sime Gezus: The Manly Cup CD

The Manly Cup, Sime Gezus’s hockey inspired instrumental album, was previously released just in digital format. Due to interest and demand for hard copies, we’ve pressed up the cup in CD form and is available in our store now for sale. Check out or buy the album streaming on our Bandcamp or make sure to grab a CD and get ready for the upcoming hockey season. He shoots, he scores.

Mitochi and Midas Live on WSPN 91.1 FM, Skimore College with Sime Gezus

Mitochi and Midas will be guests on Sime Gezus’s WSPN 91.1 FM radio show at Skidmore College August 23. The weekly radio show Sime hosts features mainstream and local indie Hip Hop, instrumentals, beats and more. Midas will be DJ’ing a set along with an on-air performance by Mitochi. Make sure to tune in or stream live online 10 PM to midnight on WSPN.

SYFFAL: Devin B Interview

by Tim Baker, Published on August 12, 2013 SYFFAL

This weekend we had a BBQ at the house. Family in town, steaks, shrimp, corn, beer, the whole nine, while it is always great seeing family, the highlight of the day came when I saw my 50 something Bro-in-law drinking beer and using a Devin B beer coozie. I am still chuckling on the inside at the juxtaposition of a feller in golf shorts drinking lower shelf beer wrapped in Devin’s album cover.

Devin B is one of those assholes that you hear rapping and get all flustered, angry and then throw out your notebooks and start again. He has a complexity to his simplicity. He says so fucking much and doesn’t need to get all fucking scientific about it, yet breaks down the physics of the universe with a simple phrase. I want to punch him every time I listen to the Jump for making me feel like an asshole while marveling at his majesty.

I have been drawn to his work since the first time I heard him on PJ Katz amazing album 92 Renault Music. His rhymes on the eponymous track drove me fucking nuts.

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