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Sime Gezus: The Manly Cup

Sime Gezus’s The Manly Cup is now available for download free on our Bandcamp. The gritty, hockey-inspired instrumental release has 20-tracks all produced by Sime. From Mr. T’s manly rant to Marty McSorley’s retro hockey tip samples, the album is sure to attract the hockey fan in all of us. It even features a bonus beat in ode to the great 1980 USA Olympic team. Midas, our DJ and Art Director created the artwork for the relase as well. Make sure to check it out.

Sime Gezus: Wayne Simmonds

We announce the release of “Wayne Simmonds”, the single off of Sime Gezus’s newest release The Manly Cup, which is now streaming on our SoundCloud. The Manly Cup is a hockey-themed instrumental album which features 21 tracks, produced by Sime himself. The album will be available free for download June 11 from the Sub-Bombin Bandcamp. We will also be doing a limited run of CDs of The Manly Cup for purchase in our store and at Sime Gezus live performances.