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Devin B: Be So Cruel

So here it is. The second single from Devin B‘s new album, Be So Cruel is now streaming on our SoundCloud. The track is produced by Odisbey and is from Devin’s album The Jump slated to drop in June. The track follows on the heels of the first single Paperweight which was released back in December of 2012 and the remix of the same by Pig Food Records Dood Computer, feat. elsphinx. We’ll have more release details to come on The Jump, but in the meantime check the track and enjoy.

Kite Person: Tonight We Run CDs

Last December we released Kite Person’s Tonight We Run, the debut EP by duo Greg Tebbano and Rawhead. It was first, and only, released in digital format from our store. Due to the praise it has garnered and many fans asking for it, we decided to release a hard copy form of the album as a CD. You can now purchase it in our store for $4.99 and enjoy the music in disc form, cheers.

Video: Sev Statik “I Believe” feat. Animal Cracker

Sev Statik just dropped his new video for “I Believe” feat. Animal Cracker. The track is off of Sev’s Sophy EP which was released back in March of this year and was produced by PJ Katz. The video was shot at Final Word Tattoos in Schenectady by Juan George of Lightsource Media and features a bunch of cameos of 518 Hip Hop artists and friends. Shout out to Final Word Records for coming through for the video.