by Tim Baker, Published on March 30, 2013, SYFFAL

I fucking hate interviewing people, mostly because I hate leaving my god damned apartment and mingling with mouth breathing assholes like Del and Tom. Every now and again I find myself compelled to seek out a stranger and try to impress them with my witty bullshit, and if I am lucky accidently brush against their junk on my way to the bar.

My interview with Kite Person was one such case, well kind of, Greg actually snuck by me and palmed my ass, but it was still cool (I haven’t warshed my ass since).

I actually decided to interview Kite Person because their albumTonight We Run is fucking epic. It is a greasy slice of electronic/dance/rock/cry your eyes out/beat one off in nature/and eat your fears style goodness. I was obsessed with it. The way Rawhead and Greg Tebbano fucking double dick my mind, body and soul was enough to make me ring out my god damn fanny pack.

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