Photo by Joe Putrock

by KC Orcutt, Published on August 17, 2011 Metroland

The average DJ will show up on time, power through a pre-determined playlist, privately grimace at requests but honor them, pack up when the bar closes and be on his way once he’s paid. One mustn’t ever confuse DJ TruMastr with an average DJ.

“Some people are DJing because it’s their living; it’s their way of life,” Truemaster Trimingham (AKA DJ TruMastr) says. “They are responding to their job. I have a job. It is not to DJ. I have a passion, a hobby and a craft. And that is to DJ.”

Since 2006, Trimingham has been DJing every nook and cranny of the Capital Region from Albany to Glens Falls, touring globally with Atlanta-based emcee J-Live, and rallying the local hip-hop scene as a member of Beat*Shot Productions. This year, for his 39th birthday, Trimingham hosted an event at Quintessence, aptly titled The Music That Made Me, then flew out to Portland, Ore., to play with J-Live the very next day.

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